Work with brands looking to enter the Minnesota market by helping find you a wholesale partner, educate the sales team and advise on the local market economics.
Private tastings at Escondido Mezcal Bar in Minneapolis.
Agave Training
Work with sales teams from distribution, retail, restaurants and brand ambassadors to increase your staffs knowledge of agave spirits.
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During a decade of work in the music business, I discovered my passion for agave spirits. Upon leaving my job in 2010, my curiosity for the spirit took me to Mexico, where I visited a number of Tequila distilleries. This began my annual pilgrimages, where I explored different regions of Mexico to learn the ins and outs of production methods and the various nuances of agave spirits. 
Heartworks Spirits was established to work directly with brands, wholesalers, retailers and consumers. This has become a passion of never-ending learning experience.
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