La Jicarita Mezcal
Now Available in Minnesota
I met Young and Fred (Frijolotes,LLC) in San Francisco in 2019. I loved the product and asked we could bring it to Minnesota. Starting in April, we will have two expressions available to the Minnesota market.
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A raw turkey is traditionally suspended over the copper alembic still during the second distillation of Mezcal con Pechuga. This unique process cooks the turkey, and as the vapors of the distill pass through the protein an undeniable richness is added to this “elixir of the gods”.
Local Oaxacans enjoyed this unique celebratory mezcal in special occasions such as weddings, patron saint days, and birthdays. Every mezcalero has their own recipe in producing this spirit.
In homage to Zapotec rituals, our 3rd generation Maestro Mezcalero refines his centuries-old family recipe into this award-winning Mezcal.
Sierra Negra
This 25+ year Sierra Negra agave was harvested at full maturity, letting its penca leaves grow to a weight to 4.4 lbs (2 kilos) each. Planted in a steep hillside plot, this agave is cultivated in the high altitude of the Sierra Norte de Oaxaca. The combination of drastic temperature shifts, high elevation desert drainage, and concentrated sunlight produces a mezcal rugged and hearty in character.
The Producer
Maestro Celso Martinez Lopez has a family heritage of mezcal production going back a hundred years to a time when his ancestors cooked maguey in oven pits, distilled in clay pots, and fermented in the rock wells.  His ancestral lands sit on the ridge “Nueve Puntas” overlooking his palenque and the town of Santiago Matatlan, the capital of mezcal.
Born into the Mezcalero way of life, he started the learning process in childhood, and with the passion passed down from his father and grandfather he was producing mezcal by the time he was a young teenager. This is the legacy and pride going into every batch distilled at his palenque.